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Commissions & Collaborations


Trio with electronics, The Wanderer, Four Corners Ensemble (2019) 


Quartet for clarinet, guzheng, guitar, percussion, You Can't Say, Hua Tian Ave. (2019) 


Concertino for tenor saxophone and chamber orchestra, Flapping Wings, Foot in the Door Ensemble of The Hartt School (2018)


Concertino for Guzheng and string orchestra, Spring In The Garden, Opus 89 String Orchestra of The Hartt Community Division (2018)


Concert band, Borrow One Sky, Embrace the Sunshine, Harmony Wind, The Hartt School Community Division (2018)


Arrangements for violin, accordion, piano, When Vivaldi Meets Piazzola -The Four Seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter)  (2018); 


Arrangements Sunshine Over the Tashkurgan, Pretty Trio, Shenzhen Arts School, Guangzhou, China (2017) 


Violin solo, Porcelain Promises, Performer’s Certificate Program, The Hartt School Community Division (2016)


Quartet for flute, guitar, violin, viola, The Secret from Strokes, Honors Chamber -The Performance 20/20, The Hartt School (2016)


Theatre scenes music, Vanities, Theatre Department and Composition Department, The University of Hartford (2016)

Music Programs

Orchestra, The Legend of Mulan (2017)


Piano Trio for violin, viola, piano, Dialogues (2016)


Sextet for flute, clarinet, piano, percussions, violin, cello, Sandglass (2016)


Duo for cello and piano, Flashback (2015)


Brass Quintet, Autumn Water (2015)


Quintet for Guzheng and string quartett, Winter Dreams (2014)


Woodwind Quintet, Seven Deadly Sins (2013)

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